Ground Floor

About the Ground Floor

The ground floor is a common area, accessible to all guests at Frascati 11.
Every room is furnished in a different warm and welcoming colour, with walls finished in Venetian marble. The ambiance is enriched with floors of aggregate Venetian marble, high ceilings and large windows overlooking either the garden or the private street.

Every floor is linked to the one above by a stone staircase with bannisters of wrought iron and wood. From the main hallway and having your back to the entrance, you enter the living room on the right This room faces the garden and is decorated with a unique, hand-painted, antique Chinese wall paper and a wooden fireplace inlaid with bronze and mother-of-pearl in the Chinese style. In front of the living room, looking to the left from the main hallway, is the dining and sitting room. This is a large room with a marble fireplace, which can be used on the coldest days.

The kitchen, which can be accessed from this room and from another door in the hallway, is a large room equipped with all the necessary tableware, cooking utensils and electrical appliances.

Main Floor

About the Main Floor

The main floor includes three bedrooms and a bathroom. The floors are parquet, and the rooms all open to the main hallway.

The first room on the right has rose-pink wallpaper in a calico print. It is a large light-filled room furnished with a single bed, a night table and an armoire. The window has a balcony overlooking the private street.

The second room on the right has wallpaper with a blue design on an ivory backgroound.
There are two beds that can be linked to form a double bed, a chest-of-drawers, a bookcase, a large closet and a window that overlooks the entrance to the house. Upon request, a door between the first and second rooms can be unlocked to connect them.

The third room, on the left, has wallpaper with large pink, green and light blue flowers on an ivory background. It includes two single beds to form a double bed, a desk and an armoire. The large window has a balcony overlooking the garden, which is shaded by a large magnolia. The bathroom is located at the end of the hallway.
It has a parquet floor, sky-blue walls and all the appropriate sanitary fixtures.

Top Floor

About the Top Floor

The top floor mirrors the main floor. Here, too, the floors are parquet, and every room is decorated with different wallpaper. This floor includes three bedrooms, one of which has sloping ceilings, and a bathroom accessible from the main hallway. There is a splendid piano on the landing, just waiting to be played.

The first room on the right has wallpaper with pink and blue flowers on an ivory background. It has a single bed and an antique dressing table.

The second room on the right has pink and green floral wallpaper. The furnishings include a single bed and a closet. The first and second rooms both have sloping ceilings and share one long balcony that overlooks the private street.

The third room, which is larger than the other two, has ivory, fuchsia and purple floral wallpaper and a functioning English-style marble fireplace. The room has two single beds that can be linked to form a double bed and a large window that overlooks the garden.
The bathroom, as on the main floor, is located at the end of the hallway and is furnished with all sanitary fixtures. The walls are light green and the floors are parquet.